Full Clips

A full clip includes:  (pet clip or style clip)

Shampoo, conditioner and blow dry, full body clip, (poodles will have face and feet shaven if that is the look you desire), ear clean, nail trim, coat gloss herbal or floral fragrance and satin bow if desired.

(Ear plucking and anal glands only done on request)


Small Breeds

Toy/miniature poodle, maltese, bichon, lasa, small schnauzer, shih tzu, westie, cavalier, pomeranian, small cocker spaniel, cavoodle, spoodle, moodle, other small breeds                              $65.00

Medium Breeds: 

 large schnauzer, springer spaniel,  wheaten terrier, medium/large cocker spaniel,   medium labradoodle   All other medium breeds                                                  $75.00




The above prices are an indication only, generally these prices are fairly accurate but some breed sizes can differ when being described over the phone.


Brush Outs /Deshedding

DeShedding dog brushouts  includes wash and blowdry - eg Japanese Spitz, Samoyed, Golden Retriever, Border Collie, Bearded Collie etc      - prices from                                                     $65.00



Tidy Ups

Tidy ups are great for in between clips, as the hair grows over the eyes and mouth, in between pads of the feet and around the bottom, this can be trimmed back for hygiene. 

Service includes shampoo, conditioner and blow dry, trim face, feet and bottom, coat gloss herbal or floral fragrance and satin bow if desired.

Small & medium breeds:                             $35.00

Large breed :                                                $40.00




Wash & Blow dry

Shampoo/conditioner, blowdry,

fragrance                                               $25.00 small/med breeds

                                                              $35.00 large breeds


Wash Only & towel dry

                                                                             $20.00 small/medium breeds

                                                             $30.00 large breeds

Nail Trim only





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